Here I will document some processes of designing or creating products, or making scale models. Along with some home projects just for fun.

Sculptor, designer. I have admired Ariele Alasko’s work for a number of years. Everything she makes is incredible and I’m continually inspired by it. Check out her Instagram and website to see her test the boundaries of wood as a material.

Melting Mirrors on Yanko Design THESE ‘MELTING’ MIRRORS ADD A SURREAL DALI-INSPIRED TOUCH TO YOUR INTERIOR SPACES! BY SARANG SHETH  02/22/2021 Yanko Design Some designs just make you smile. This is one of them. Have a look through these classy and fun mirror designs by Bower Studios over at Yanko Design.

Arch Daily – Here I share links to sustainability articles I’ve found interesting. Building Bigger Cities Means Digging Deeper Everywhere Else Written by Niall Patrick Walsh February 26, 2020

Welcome to Tyla Design, an expression of my love for design and everything it entails. This business has been a few slow years in the making, and it is now finally at the point of meeting the public.