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Chorus Desk System

2017 Thesis – BTech Industrial Design The Chorus Desk System…

2017 Thesis – BTech Industrial Design

The Chorus Desk System was designed to solve the issues present in an open office space and a lack of versatility.

In this modular system the office space could adapt and reshuffle spaces to account for individual spaces and team settings and meetings, with a primary focus on privacy.

The desk was designed to be flat packed for ease of storage and manoeuvrability. The partitions could be added to one or both sides of the top of each desk which allowed a high number of possible layouts. As well as inserted into the sides of the desks for a dynamic workspace.

A peg and hole system was used so the partitions could be easily placed and moved into the sides and top surfaces of the desk. This allowed for either private workspaces or extended table surfaces.

The desk shape itself was designed to be as efficient and comfortable as possible for the user. Various shapes were explored that would A) suit the reach and usability fo the user and B) work in an effective modular scheme.

The desk shape allowed for better access to primary workspaces as opposed to a standard rectangular desk – swivel chairs would aid this movement even further. The rounded front edge allows the user to sit further into the desk while allowing their range of motion to be increased and have usable space on both sides.

This design delivers over 19 possible configurations with the partitions. The shape and partition size and placement allows for privacy as well as ease of communication and interaction when partitions are removed.

60 cm is considered to be a comfortable distance between coworkers in a desk set up. This Chorus desk shape allows for this distance when only one desk is used – as in a client-facing situation, otherwise the distance is doubled.

Desk shape allowed for better privacy and comfort when partitions are in place.

The Chorus desk system allows for both polarising benefits in individual and shared space as the below list demonstrates.

  • Privacy
  • Personal workspace
  • Organization
  • Less distraction
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Interaction

Logo Design and Explanation

The logo was designed to illustrate how the desk shape was created. Drawing inspiration from musical elements as well. The name Chorus was decided upon through a series of word explorations relating to “something working together”.

Final logo design

There are plenty of things I would change or delve into further for this design, but looking back at my University career, all in all I’m not too upset with this one!