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Intention Chocolates

Logo, packaging and branding design

Logo, packaging and branding design

I had the opportunity to work closely with my sister Nikita on her incredible chocolate company founded in 2019. They are superfood based, vegan, and free from preservatives, but most importantly, really delicious.

I designed her logo which included a hand drawn heart by Nikita in the centre, as well as signs for the various chocolate flavours for events and markets.

We then created business cards below which are a personal favourite item to work on.

Nikita wanted to bring an intentional element to a treat that is sometimes demonised, hence the name Intention Chocolates. It was written beautifully by Nikita so it was quite easy for me to just give it some simple design for a card that accompanies her chocolate orders and can be placed on a fridge.

At the time Intention Chocolates was offering bags of ten of one flavour, or larger boxes or jars of a variety of flavours. They wanted to use recyclable and biodegradable resources wherever possible, so we sourced brown bags and cardboard boxes as well as glass jars and then designed paper stickers and a stamp to brand them.

Check out Intention Chocolates on Instagram for their latest developments which include little love letters of chocolate bars. And more to come soon with some moulds and revamps:)