The Soap Pocket


Holds those pesky little soap pieces when the soap is small.

Texture of The Soap Pocket provides a gentle scrub.

Hand strap for easy grip and to prevent dropping.

Fold over ensures the soap stays in place.

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This product is close to my heart, firstly because it solves a problem that adds a bit of frustration to an otherwise lovely shower. And primarily because I prototyped and developed it with my Granny, the immensely talented and wonderful Moira. At 82 years old she has hands as swift and technical as weaverbirds and a heart of gold. And I believe that the resourcefulness and problem solving abilities I inherited, I owe in large part to her.

The Soap Pocket is Hand crocheted in South Africa and is 100% Natural, Eco and Biodegradable. Designed to hold a standard sized soap or smaller, the Soap Pocket will be your bath and shower companion. Just pop a soap bar into the pocket, lather it up, and use it to wash your whole body.

Once the soap has drawn to an impossibly small size, you can throw a new soap in or simply rely on The Soap Pocket’s cradling of the baby soap or soapy residue! You’ll no longer have to rely on fine motor skills and grip, The Soap Pocket has your back. Dropping them, trying to stick them to a new soap bar, having to throw them away or squish them into your tiles, these are all things of the past – they will stay in the soap pocket till the very end!


Handmade in South Africa, sizing can vary but is approximately 12cm by 8cm and can hold a standard size soap.

If you require a custom size, please get in touch!

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 1 cm

Natural cotton twine

The Soap Pocket


6 in stock (can be backordered)