About Us

Simple design, no more
and no less than is necessary.
Form and function work together in unison.

The Company

Simplicity and sustainability are the driving forces behind Tyla Design. Through these forces we hope to bring joy to the users.

Although we have a primary focus on designing and selling our own products, we are also available to bring your own ideas to life, as well designing packaging and logos or other graphics for small businesses.

If you like the look and functionality of this website and the fit is right, I’d be happy to discuss how we might be able to offer web designing packages including hosting, full set up and content production.

Our Mission

Creating things that bring joy. Products that have a low impact on the world and a positive impact on the user.

Our Vision

To continue to create and share products with the world that do little harm to the environment, support local businesses and uplift everyone in every step of the process, from production to the customer.

Meet Tyla

I was born in Durban, raised in Hong Kong and have lived in Cape Town since the end of 2009. You can read more about that over on the blog. I am currently wearing all the hats for TyDesign and I enjoy the challenges and variety that provides daily. If you’d like to collaborate, I’m always open to discussing new possibilities.

Tyla Stallbom