Melting Mirrors on Yanko Design THESE ‘MELTING’ MIRRORS ADD A SURREAL DALI-INSPIRED TOUCH TO YOUR INTERIOR SPACES! BY SARANG SHETH  02/22/2021 Yanko Design Some designs just make you smile. This is one of them. Have a look through these classy and fun mirror designs by Bower Studios over at Yanko Design.

Arch Daily – Here I share links to sustainability articles I’ve found interesting. Building Bigger Cities Means Digging Deeper Everywhere Else Written by Niall Patrick Walsh February 26, 2020

Here I will document some processes of designing or creating products, or making scale models. Along with some home projects just for fun.

Sculptor, designer. I have admired Ariele Alasko’s work for a number of years. Everything she makes is incredible and I’m continually inspired by it. Check out her Instagram and website to see her test the boundaries of wood as a material.

Welcome to Tyla Design, an expression of my love for design and everything it entails. This business has been a few slow years in the making, and it is now finally at the point of meeting the public.